Poultry management made simple.

The Avihance Poultry Management System offers you the ability to track and record performance across your houses and locations. Designed for the commercial poultry farmer, with Avihance you can track and report mortalities, weight, feed, egg production, pack station data and more. Synchronise your data to create relevant, up-to-date reports to oversee and manage your poultry business with ease. Avihance can be used across a desktop server or via our app, ensuring that you can effortlessly access your data, any time, any place.

Avihance has been designed for implementation across broiler, broiler breeder, rearing and hatchery environments. As a poultry software, Avihance has been created for use across different sectors of your business- from resource management, to sales, to deliveries. This user-friendly program ensures that your business operates as it should and that your profitability and performance is maximised.

Our mobile app makes it easy to capture data whilst on site, reducing errors and ensuring efficiency.

Improve your efficiency and ensure your success with Avihance.

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Millstone+ offers businesses in the feed mill industry the capability to monitor and manage your production, product quality, supply, stock, contracts and more. With our smart technology, you can rest assured that your operations are in the best of hands.

Millstone+ makes it easy to manage customer relationships and supplier control, enabling you to focus on the activities of your enterprise. With a secure system that can control anything from system track and traceability, to reporting, to weighbridge and scale integration, Millstone+ is the premier feed mill solution available today.

Optimise and manage your feed mill activities today, with Millstone+.

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Our Incident Management System (IMS) offers a one-stop solution for incident management and monitoring, providing the tools needed to optimise your activities. With IMS, incidents of all sizes and types are logged and reported, ensuring that your business is able to track, manage and respond to incidents. This decreases reaction times, streamlines incident reporting and empowers you to better manage incidents as they happen.

IMS benefits your business by enabling increased efficiency and responsiveness, ensuring operational productivity and reducing costs. This system works to reduce errors, creating accountability and consistency throughout your operations.

Reduce downtime and maximise efficiency with IMS.

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Custom Solutions

Need something else? We can make it happen. Our in-house software team can design a program built to your specifications. Custom software solutions are developed with your specific requirements and preferences in mind, creating a solution that manages to address your needs whilst accommodating your operational specifications. This ensures greater efficiency and ease of use, as every detail has been built with your specific requirements in mind.

Custom software ensures that your business needs are addressed, ensuring greater efficiency, Sustainable Growth, and better results.


At Cordys Africa, we are proud to offer comprehensive support with our software solutions. We don’t believe in the “drop-and-go” software model, but rather engage with our clients to ensure that their service needs are met every single time. We’re passionate about establishing long-term relationships that best serve your business needs and ensure sustainable growth.

Our dynamic support team is on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly, enabling your employees to work efficiently and reducing downtime. From technical issues, to maintenance, to human error; we ensure that any problems are taken care of as swiftly as possible.

Our support services ensure that your solution remains operative no matter what life throws at us, offering you peace of mind.