"Why You Need Custom Software Solutions"

How custom software solutions can benefit your business

Caroline Greyling

Is your business still using clunky, outdated software that is ill-suited to your business needs, constantly frustrating your employees and hindering productivity?

Custom software offers a solution that is perfectly tailored to the unique specifications of your business and your operations. That means that cCustom software is a software solution that has been specifically made for the requirements of a particular business, and its specific capabilities and challenges. Software development can refer to a number of different things, whether application development, mobile development, development of software tools, cloud computing or back-end development.

The main difference between custom software and existing, ready-made software (or “off-the-shelf” software) is that custom software has been developed to meet specific software needs and to cater to specific users. Custom software is developed specifically for the business that orders the software, ensuring a solution that includes all of the features and functionalities that the organisation requires. Custom software isIt is also sometimes referred to as bespoke or tailor-made software. Customisation offers businesses the chance to order software solutions that are ideal for the very requirements and business objectives of your organisation.

The Advantages of Custom Software Development

Custom software development has several benefits, including:

1. Continuous support

Companies rely on software development companies to develop their custom software solutions, which often means that the solution comes paired with software support, ensuring that you have on-hand support to assist in managing your software. This support ensures that any problems are addressed promptly and effectively, reducing downtime and potential losses.

2. Simplified data management

With a custom-made software solution, you can easily manage how your data is produced, tracked, stored and who has access to it. Data can be centralised, ensuring that all information is kept up to date and can be shared easily. Tailor-made software ensures that data is easily protected and controlled. This is increasingly crucial in a time when data protection and data management is under scrutiny, with governments and consumer groups monitoring and punishing data mismanagement.

3. The ability to automate repetitive tasks within your business

Every company has those simple, repetitive tasks that take up considerable time but little brainpower. With custom software, you can automate some of those tasks to ensure that your business operations run efficiently, giving your employees more time to devote to more serious tasks.

4. Secure

Keeping your software and data safe and secure is a critical task- one that is made easier by using custom-made software. Off-the-shelf software can be purchased and utilised by anyone, often making them targets for hackers and cybercriminals. Custom software can include customised encryption, helping to protect your programs and data.

5. Software integration

Custom-made software ensures that you can commission software that works in cohesion with your existing systems or software, as well as your hardware. This ultimately improves your performance and can reduce costs.

6. Scalable

Software solutions need to grow and change as your business does, adapting to meet your changing needs. With custom software solutions, it’s easier to develop a solution that’s made for scalability and which can adapt to your business growth. With off-the-shelf software, the growth prospects are often limited, meaning that you’ll need to purchase a new solution at a certain point.

Which industries can make use of custom software?

Due to its very nature, custom made solutions are suitable for implementation across all industries and sectors. Across the world, different industries have specialised software solutions that have been developed specifically for the needs of those industries, and oftentimes for the needs of certain companies. From agriculture to construction, from retail to pharmaceuticals, software specialists can develop tailor-made solutions that work for the unique needs and challenges of their environments.

What about the cost?

Many business owners fear that custom software comes at a prohibitively high cost, but that is not always the case. Custom software does attract certain expenses, largely due to the time and skills it requires to develop these solutions, but the implementation of this very software often serves to save you time and money, and optimise productivity. While custom software is often more expensive than off-the-shelf solutions, it also offers more benefits and better value for money, ensuring that the money spent on software is used on a worthwhile and usable solution. If your company has software needs that cannot be met with existing products, custom software offers a sound financial investment into your company’s future and the expansion of your operations

Should my company invest in custom software solutions?

While there is no obvious right answer, there are certain criteria that you can consider when evaluating whether to invest in custom software. If your company has a unique and vital need that cannot be fulfilled by existing software, we recommend that you seriously consider implementing a custom software solution. If your company wants to streamline its processes, automate processes or tackle specific long-term goals, custom software offers fantastic potential and growth opportunities

If you would like to know more about custom software solutions and how they can serve your business needs, Cordys Africa can guide you through the process and all that it entails. Contact us today to find out more.

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